Thank you for an awesome year!  I hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing summer and wish you the absolute best as you begin 7th grade.  I have greatly enjoyed being your 6th grade ELA teacher this year and hopefully will have you all again in 8th grade!  🙂


This week is our last full week of school!!  Let’s finish strong!  Check out the Week in a Peek page for what’s happening this week.


Three in a Row Honor Roll Picnic this Wednesday.  Flyers with information on what students may wear and bring will be sent home today.


State testing for 6th grade.  Students will be working on assignments for each class when they are not testing daily for three class periods (3 —  53 min. class periods).  Projects and assignments are not all due on the same day, yet all are due sometime the following week depending on the subject and teacher.  Assignments for my class are due Tuesday, May 2nd.


Come see the amazing play, The Wizard of Oz,  put on by our talented students at MJH this Wednesday and Thursday at 6:30.  Cost is $3.00 per person.  I hope to see you there!!

Come out to our first Gumbo cook off this Saturday from 11 -3 p.m.  It will be a fun filled day where you can taste lots of gumbo, play games, and enjoy lots of performances!

WRP starts back up this week for both Honors and Regular! WRP is due every Thursday.


Welcome back! Hope you’ve had a relaxing break, and you’re ready to learn!  ***Reminder for honor classes:  SSR projects are due Tuesday, and remember I do not accept late projects.***


Happy Mardi Gras! Have a wonderful and safe break!


Students final WRP is due this Thursday the 23rd. Students should have a total of 6 WRPs. These will be collected on Thursday and count as a reading grade.


Reminder,  students should be practicing typing skills on a daily basis.  Refer to the letter sent home in Jan. and the below link.


Huge thank you to Jence and her family for the colored paper!!

There was a typo on the letter regarding the Online Tools Training.  The correct address to access OTT is


We had an awesome week with Mrs. Tarleton teaching honors English this week!

I have many students who have fallen behind with journal entries for SSR.  **Reminder** stay on top of this on going assignment.

Again, we are in dire need of colored copy paper for study guide and reference materials.

**Reminder** students should be practicing daily — max. 5 mins. — typing at home if he or she does not take a computer elective.  As the letter sent home last week stated, state testing will be computer based and is timed.  Students will be required to read complex text on the computer and respond to reading in a variety of ways including typing three essays.


If you haven’t heard yet, we have welcomed a new student teacher, Mrs. Tarleton, into our classroom.  We are super excited for her to begin teaching this week!

We are in desperate need of colored copy paper to be for study guides and reference materials.  If you are able to provide a pack of colored paper, we would be so ever grateful!


Reminder, if you have not purchased the Across Five Aprils 2002 copyright book, please do so as soon as possible.  We will be performing close reads by marking up the text with annotations and discussions.


New SSR projects will be assigned and discussed this week.


Welcome back!!  I hope everyone had a restful, happy holiday and are ready to return to learning.  We will begin reading our new novel, Across Five Aprils, and I highly recommend everyone purchase their own 2002 copy.  Check out the Week in a Peek tab to find out what our weekly schedule will look like.


Reminder: Exam week is this upcoming week.  Be sure to use your study guides and utilize

Wednesday:  Reading     Thursday:   Social Studies and Electives

Friday: Math and P.E.

Monday 12/19:  English and Science      Tuesday 12/20: None 1/2 day

**** I have altered days for my 4th/5th hour class.  Please check Week N Peek for our plan.****


Ms. Hoover was so surprised by all of the goodies she received from our classes.  All of the items will be put to great use and she is so appreciative.  Thank you all so much!!!

Canned Food Drive is this upcoming week.  Please bring in nonperishable foods which directly help families in need from our community.

Book fair is this upcoming week.  Be sure to bring money so that you are able to purchase a great book.


Ms. Hoover’s last week with us will be the week we return from the Thanksgiving Holiday.  I sent home a yellow note regarding sending her off with some goodies to help her with her new classroom.  Let show Ms. Hoover how much we appreciate her hard work this semester!

Honors SSR projects are due the Tuesday we return from the holidays.


Remember to continue working on SSR projects. All of the information and directions for the project are posted under the documents page, so make sure you have all the necessary pages printed for your SSR folder. Also, please make sure you have your project up-to-date with journal entries as you do not want to fall behind.


Veteran’s Day Program- Due to the program, many students were in and out of class because of choir and speaking roles. I have added the Theme and Pronouns PowerPoints to the Documents page. The students should look over “The Emperor’s Seed” within the Theme PowerPoint and copy the notes for reflexive/intensive pronouns from the Pronoun PowerPoint.

These slides are a GREAT study tool for any students and I would highly recommend all students to refer back to them.


Binder Organization:  I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep your binder organized and cleaned.  1st nine week papers may be taken out of binder and kept elsewhere.  All COLORED reference materials should be kept in the binder all year.  I recommend placing colored reference materials in clear sheet protectors as I have noticed some papers are becoming worn and tear out of binder easily.  I also recommend using REINFORCED loose leaf paper which helps with notes and practice papers being torn.


This week is Red Ribbon Week at MJH. Monday is FREE JACKET DAY (Zip Up to Drugs); students may wear any jacket with their uniform tops and bottoms. Tuesday is CRAZY SOCK DAY (Sock It to Drugs); students may wear any socks with their school uniform. Wednesday is CRAZY HAT DAY (Put A Hat on Drugs); students may wear any hat with their school uniforms. Thursday is TEAM DAY (Team Up Against Drugs); students may wear their favorite team shirt, jersey, or sweatshirt with their uniform bottoms. Friday is FREE DRESS DAY (Stay Drug Free); students may wear a MJH spirit shirt with jeans.

SSR projects have been issued for the 2nd nine weeks. Students should have their books and be working on their projects.


SSR projects have been assigned for the 2nd nine weeks.  Please be sure to check out the SSR tab for specific information.


Reminder: Exam week is this upcoming week.  Be sure to use your study guides and utilize

Monday:  Electives               Tuesday: Reading and Science            Wednesday:  Math and Social Studies                        Thursday:  English and PE

*** End of 1st Nine Weeks*** Students do not have school Friday, Oct. 14, 2016.


Huge thank you to Ms. Jence for providing Clorox wipes for our classroom!  We are in desperate need of a few reams of colored paper to copy reading and English reference handouts and study guide on.  If you are able to donate a ream, it would be so, so appreciated.

Reminder:  SSR Project are due this week for honor classes.


SSR Project Due dates are fast approaching:  Honors due 9/28 and Regular due 10/4.  Be sure to print materials needed to complete the project portion and place in SSR folder.

If your child does not have their own Hatchet book, it would be most beneficial one is purchased for them.


We are in need of colored copy paper and Clorox Wipes.  If you are able to donate, it would be so, so appreciated.  Remember we are beginning our novel at the end of the week, so please purchase or order your copy of Hatchet as soon as possible.  Also, check out the Week-In-A-Peek tab to view what we are learning this upcoming week.

Friday, September 16th students are allowed to wear a Saints shirt and jeans with a $1.00 donation.


Have a wonderful three day weekend!!!  Remember we will be starting Hatchet the week of Sept. 12th, and it would be most beneficial for your child to have his/her own copy for close reading, vocabulary, and other activities.


Please be sure to read below incase you have missed any announcements. Please be sure to weekly check the Week-N-A-Peek page to find out what is going on in our classes.  Open House is Monday beginning at 5:45.


Beginning tomorrow, I will begin teaching students how to “Close Read” with annotations.  Teaching students how to annotate text is an important part of teaching them how to perform close reading of a complex text.  By interacting with the text, they become active readers, rather than passive readers.  They begin thinking about he text and language differently, and as a result, become active participants in their own learning.

With that being said, within the next two weeks we will begin reading our first novel, Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen.  I encourage all students to have their own copy of the novel so that they are able to annotate or “mark-up” the text. You may purchase from a local bookstore or from Scholastic online.


We are off to an incredible start to the new school year.  I want to remind everyone SSR begins this week, so be sure you have your book everyday to avoid losing participation points.  We are also beginning spelling/writing word choice this week.  Be sure to follow directions on the Bingo assignment carefully. The completed assignment is due FRIDAY; however, two to three sentences should be written each night in order to practice grammar skills along with learning new words.

**Reminder:  if you are absent, it is your responsibility to write down what you’ve missed, collect missed work, and schedule a test make-up if you missed a test.

Open House is next Monday, August 29th beginning at 5:45.  I look forward to seeing our supportive parents.  Have a fabulous week!!


We had an awesome first week of school!!  Since we were out of school Friday, I had to push back our reading and writing beginning of the year assessment to today; therefore, we will not begin spelling/writing word choice until next week.  If you haven’t found a SSR book to read which meets lexile level, you need to so ASAP.  We will begin SSR time Thursday of this week.  Have a wonderful week!!


Wow!  I have a great bunch of kiddos this year.  Our first day back to school went smoothly!  Parents, we will be setting up and organizing our binder tomorrow.  Please make sure your child has all of their materials for my class.  One item which was not on the list and is imperative to have is a planner/agenda to write daily homework assignments in.  These may be purchased at the Dollar Store, Target, Wal-Mart, etc. (calendar organized by month, week, day)  Your child will use this planner daily for each class to write homework assignments, dates for upcoming projects, and/or any important dates to remember.  Also, as a parent myself, I know the beginning of the year paperwork can be overwhelming; however, it is truly important all paperwork is completed and sent back to school ASAP, most importantly the green office card and green ELA parent info.


I am truly excited for you to be part of our class this school year.  Throughout the year you will become an awesome writer and incredible reader.  Not only will you be taught and exposed to a rich, in-depth curriculum in reading, grammar, writing, and spelling, you will also grow to be more responsible and independent than you have ever expected to be.

On the first day of school, several important handouts will be given:  one of the most valuable will be our class brochure and guide, “Guide to Becoming an ELA Eagle,” which provides information needed to begin a successful school year.

Looking forward to a fantastic year!